Frequently Asked Questions

I just ordered something, when can I expect to receive it?

Thank you so much for ordering! We really appreciate it. We are working hard to provide you with the highest quality merchandise while achieving on time delivery. Right now, you can expect anywhere from a couple days to a month depending on where you live.

What kind of payment do you accept? 

You can pay using PayPal. We also use Stripe which lets you pay with a credit card seamlessly at your checkout. 

I just ordered a limited quantity hoodie, I saw some only a couple were left. When I ordered it, it just went “Sold Out” Am I still getting it?

Yes. As long as you purchased the merchandise before someone else, your spot is guaranteed and you will be getting what you ordered.

What is the sizing? How do the clothes fit? 

Everything runs true to size in Mens. For example, D-Witt is a size M and wears a size M hoodie. Hope this helps! 

Where can I receive a discount code?

If you know D-Witt personally or any of the D-Witt Team members.. Ask! They will hook you up with a discount right away! 

My last name is Witt can I have a discount?

Absolutely! Family is family! Anyone who has the last name “Witt” automatically receives a 10% discount. Send us a message in the Contact page and we'll send you your discount code ASAP!   

Something extra came inside my package when I ordered, is this normal or by accident? 

This was completely on purpose. Sometimes we like to be generous and add some extra surprises! Hope you enjoy! 

What is the return policy? 

All sales are final. If you have any problems/concerns please contact us on our Contact Page or tweet us on Twitter @dwittteam 

Where/what does the money from purchasing go to? 

Very good question. All of the money is being split. Some will go to the D-Witt Foundation helping the homeless and less fortunate. Paying for their meals, rent for a month, providing them with clothes on their back, donating to different charities, etc. The rest will go to D-Witt and his team to provide you with more music and to help chase their dreams.