Growing up in Rock City, Illinois with a father who was constantly in rock bands and a mother who was singing in musicals and church choirs... Some could say D-Witt was truly made for music. “I remember all those nights watching pops jam out on the guitar, all that beyond loud music, knowing one day I’m gonna be just like him. A rock star. ” D says. It all changed when his parents divorced and was forced to move to Rockford, Illinois about 2 hours away from Chicago. “I was introduced to a whole new world, a whole different universe, a whole new life. Poverty, Violence, Sex, Gangs, you name it.” No matter how tragic he put it, D-Witt still represents “The 815” every where he goes. “I can't lie. Rockford is my home and always will be.”

It all started back in 2013, D started a YouTube channel and began uploading random videos. Steadily he grew more and more fans. “It was like they multiplied, then multiplied that, and then that again!” "The fans are really the ones pushed me to pursue this journey. They kept pushing and pushing. I remember on New Years 2014, I turned to my best friend Jizzle and said Bro.. I'm really going to do this.” In March 2014, Dee dropped his first single on iTunes (which was later removed) His journey officially began.

Today, D-Witt is now the #1 Ranked Hip Hop Artist in Rockford, Illinois. “Once I saw that number one spot, I damn near had a heart attack. No one understands how much this spot means. Dreams do come true.” His dreams are becoming more and more of a reality everyday he says. "It seems like everyday, I get farther and farther. I am beyond thankful." His latest album “Black Christmas" is available on SoundCloud now!